Collecting and Sharing Art

Have you ever wandered around a big art gallery or museum and checked where all these great works of art have come from?  Often there are a huge proportion of works which have been lent, borrowed or donated from private collections from throughout the world.  In fact if you took away these pieces and left those purchased directly then many museums and galleries would be virtually empty!



There are examples through the world of the generous donations or bequests from collectors across the world.   In the UK, I’ve just seen a new report about the art collector Sir Denis Mahon, it was on the BBC were you’ll need this to change your IP address outside the UK.  He died about two years ago and he is well known for his support of the arts and his collection of Italian old masters.

Hi will has just been published and in it, he has donated the collection in perpetuity to several museums and galleries across the United Kingdom.

  • eight works to the National Gallery of Scotland
  • 25 to the National Gallery in London
  • 12 to the Ashmolean in Oxford
  • six to the Fitzwilliam in Cambridge
  • five to the Birmingham Art Gallery
  • one to Temple Newsam House in Leeds

These are worth an absolute fortune and is one of the most generous gifts of art in the UK’s history.  However there are some very important strings to these gifts.  For example if any of the galleries starts to charge for admission or tries to sell any of their permanent collection then the works have to be returned to the Art Fund – an independent charity for art.

It’s matched what Sir Denis spoke up for when he was alive.  He has frequently threatened to take his priceless collection abroad whenever the British Government has suggested charging for museum access or something similarly commercial.

The free and open access to works of art or antiquity is often something that unites these collectors of precious things. They may spend huge amounts of money on collecting works of art only to give them away, but they nearly always try and ensure it remains in the public domain and not in some private collection sold to finance some commercial enterprise.

It’s a great program and worth trying to catch on the BBC, through it’s iPlayer application.  Unfortunately you will need a British proxy – video here, to gain access due to the BBCs restrictions on access to all those residing outside the United Kingdom.  Perhaps we should have asked Sir Denis to have a word with them too.


Life After Art College – Jobs in the Arts

It’s a shock to most students, leaving the surrounds of college and realising that you now have to earn a living. However for art students it’s often even tougher, many are not particularly money and career focussed.

You may be looking to determine what type of profession is better for you in the long run, or possibly you are seeking a lifetime career change in your lifetime. One really interesting and exciting area to take into account is the artwork if so. In case you end up loving and shining in artistic interests including drawing, painting, as well as photography, then it might be the time to investigate what this profession area can provide you with.

Inside the area of the artwork, you will find a variety of professions you could consider, according to wherever your interests and skills lie. You also love history and in the event you are considering this area, you might want to think about a vocation as an art historian. Art historians have a variety of possibilities, including research and teaching.

As always do some research, the internet makes this much easier than it was in the past.  Look internationally as opportunities will vary by country too, it’s always worth checking our USA and North America if you’re based in Europe and vice versa – use this to help bypass any blocks requring US IP addresses.

Another great profession in this area is an illustrator. Whether you love drawing on comic book characters, or illustrations that are complex and serious, there are great professions accessible this area. Illustrating comic books or the books of children is an excellent alternative, as well as for those that favor the more serious side, medical books and illustrating text books is an extremely rewarding alternative too.

Some who love expressing themselves may find a position as a painter is recommended for them. Whether you educate painting in an area school, paint by commission, or exhibit your artwork in galleries, this can be an excellent career option.

Getting ready for the Artwork

The kind of preparation you will require to get a vocation in the artwork is highly dependent on which particular profession you choose to pursue. As a rule of thumb, most professions in the artwork will demand that there is a bachelors degree in the event that you’d like to reach your goals. While this type of degree is not required by some artwork professions including glass working, woodworking, and quilting, it is almost always as difficult to completely support yourself with no degree in artwork. Then you’ll not just require a bachelor’s degree, in the event you would like to instruct in the art area, but you may also want your teaching certificate. For anyone interesting in fine arts including drawing or painting, there are many different art schools that essentially possess a studio environment which will offer the ability as well as education to come up with your abilities.

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Online Media – Growth of the Geo-Blocks

The internet is changing, for the generation who saw it’s beginning then there’s little doubt of this fact.   When the internet started to creep into the mainstream, it was still pretty hard work – fiddling around with 14.4k modems, dodgy phone lines and a whole variety of software to make all the bits work together.  Archie searched for files, used Gopher to look for information and News agent to trawl usenet looking for information from Universities and educational organisations.  We chatted through IRC if we could make it work and learnt all the esoteric commands needed to hold a conversation online, then uploaded our files and movies onto a remote FTP server somewhere which occasionally was online.  Our teenage generation were forced to learn the nuts and bolts simply to make everything work, my son spends most of his life online and knows nothing about this.


Much of what we learn is fairly pointless know, my command of IRC commands is not used much nowadays unless I delve into the dark web. For the rest of the time, Skype and a myriad of point and click chat programs are just so much better and easier.  However there are advantages to having some technical knowledge of how the web works, especially when big businesses start to break up the internet as we know it.   It happens to all of us now, the brick walls and ‘sorry not available’ messages when we try and access a site, watch a Youtube video or stream a TV show online.  The fact is that the internet is not open to all anymore, we all have our own customized web experiences.

The commercial side of the web, has ensured that now each user is viewed more of as a customer than an individual nowadays.  Most web sites look up your location (determined from your IP address) when you connect and then decide what you can see.  Sometimes you’ll get a customised experience with content in a different language or of regional interest, however most of the time you’ll just get blocked.   Try and watch Game of Thrones on your HBO account from outside the USA and you’ll be out of luck.  Visit  the BBC website to watch the News on iPlayer from outside the UK then you’ll just get a ‘sorry message’ unless you try this –

Sometimes it doesn’t matter, if you’re in the right place and have access – but the practice is growing.  You can happily stream your favorite BBC shows at home on your iPad,  but try it when on holiday in Spain or Greece.  You will still get blocked despite paying your direct debit to the BBC every month to fund your TV license.   You used to be able to order something quite simply from a company based in a different country, now it’s much more difficult as the owners seek to maximise their profits by routing you to a different price.

More information on things like accessing iPlayer USA –

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Irish Art Galleries Join Art Network

Three Northern Ireland art galleries, Golden Thread Gallery, the Mac, both in Belfast, along with the Centre for Contemporary Art (CCA) in Londonderry, are to join Plus Tate, a prestigious UK-wide modern visual arts network.

In 2010, Plus Tate was established to share collections and expertise and create a network using Tate’s resources to strengthen the UK’s contemporary visual arts network.


Suzanne Lyle, head of visual arts in the Arts Council of Northern Ireland, welcomed the news.

“The Arts Council commends Golden Thread Gallery, the Mac as well as the Centre for Contemporary Art in being picked to join this esteemed programme predicated on their shared quality, vision as well as devotion.

“This exciting and remarkable initiative offers these leading Northern Ireland galleries the chance to expand, network and strengthen the contemporary arts sector inside the region for all to enjoy.”

It’s an important move for the arts in Northern Ireland, as often they are isolated from the rest of the United Kingdom due to their location.  This should help to integrate the Northern Irish art lovers with resources normally available only in mainland UK.  Although it should be mentioned that there are no restrictions on accessing web content between Northern Ireland and Britain, unlike in the republic where you will need one these tools – a UK based VPN to access some resources.

Curator of the Mac, Hugh Mulholland, said:

Matt Packer, manager of the Centre for Contemporary Art in Derry, said: “We are delighted to have been selected to become a part of the Plus Tate network on the grounds of CCA’s exhibitions and public programmes. CCA is a collaborative organisation at heart, and we welcome the chance to further join Derry/Londonderry with other top contemporary arts organisations across great britain.”

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Thoughts on Abstract Art

Abstract art is a kind of artwork where a type or an item is developed in an exaggerated fashion or a simplified way. Abstract art is among the more important types of artwork layout which brings a large number of art fans and men and women. This kind of artwork acquired long back having a substantial history consisting of of various popular artists. 3D abstract art abstract landscape art, and fantasy abstract art would be the most used types of abstract art.

The three main types of art that is abstract are neoplasticism cubism, and abstract expressionism. Piet Mondrian’s works are among the most effective cases of neoplasticism. Jackson Pollock and Mark Rothko are outstanding models of abstract expressionism.


Pictures and indepth info of the artists can be found within their biographies or on online media sites too, check these out.

PostModernism is a period which still considered quite well-known in abstract art form, and started around 1975. Ancient history shows the truth that abstract art was used in the first twentieth century abstract designs, even in ornamentation for pottery and fabrics. Abstract art kind was broadly accepted. The primary abstract artwork form that was initial originated by Wassily Kandinsky in 1910. He composed a theory according to abstract art. This theory said that shown artwork needs to be according to religious kingdom, and not the things we find usually as the visual world.

Technical Citation

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The Art of Trees – New Exhibition in Bristol

To kick off Bristol’s year as the European Green Capital a recently formed group has transformed right into a colourful arboretum for an exhibition the city’s oldest gallery, the RWA,. Rows of trees in works with a bunch of 30 British painters, printmakers and sculptors line the light Victorian rooms at the Royal West of England Academy.

Despite stylistic differences, they from John Constable to David Hockney, love trees and return to the subject over and over. Consequently they have given the tongue in cheek name the Arborealists to themselves.



Trees have played a crucial part in British art since they are put center by the Romantics -canvas. Constable drew and painted them as singular subjects, like portraits, even talking of the “young lady” ash tree on Hampstead Heath; Henry Moore used to play at naming tree species from a space; Paul Nash said: “I adore and worship trees and consider they are individuals”; Hockney talked of the “spatial delight” of trees – anyone who saw his Royal Academy exhibit in 2012 will understand just what he was on about.

There’s a documentary covering some of the artists involved which will be screened shortly on one of the BBC digital channels, you should also be able to access via the BBC iPlayer application.  For those outside the UK, applications such as these – can allow access to the BBC documentaries from their web site.

An identical effect has been sought by some artists . But since the show follows the recent alarm over the spread of ash dieback and other tree diseases, Arboretum is, overall, a melancholy contemplation of the state of the present relationship of man.

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Creating Your Own Abstract Art

In the event you’ve ever considered creating an abstract painting or you also do lots of work that is abstract but would like to find brand new thoughts there are lots of ways that you can think about creating work that is abstract.

You will find just two primary parts of any work for me that is abstract and they’re type and colour. Creating an abstract painting needs to not be dissimilar to another painting when it comes to the arrangement – use the rules you’ve been educated the golden mean etc like the rule of thirds, to create eye-satisfying work. Regarding the makeup the abstract painting you may use notions from real life – maybe pictures you’ve chosen, clippings from magazines, routines in nature, floorings and materials – .

art-398066_640 (1)


There are lots of places where you can find possible inspiration, check out online and the many digital galleries that exist.  There are some great art channels and programmes on mainstream TV, particularly in the UK.  Look out on the online players from the BBC and Channel 4 they’re particularly good – for those outside the UK you can use this site.  It allows you to disguise your IP address and access web sites and media which would normally be blocked, try it out – works great.

There are a number of mediums it is possible to use jointly or separately to form the abstract art. Use different kinds of feel to produce curiosity about the art – there are a number of ways of making manners and feel of applying the paint. Attempt using many layers and maybe including a glaze in the finish and after that rubbing on some of it off when it’s somewhat dry. This may provide a weathered sort of effect. It is also possible to sand down a few of the painting after the paint was applied to get the same effect. Attempt using acrylic inks to get an alternative impact to the painting.

An alternative would be to hide off some areas of the painting while you paint within the very best to make designs. Additionally use things like bubblewrap and corrugated card applied to and dipped in paint the painting to incorporate special effects.

You can find actually no end of ways to make abstract art as well as lots of trial, error and frequently injury finds out the techniques, in addition to learning techniques from some other artists.

For more information on  the use of VPNs and proxies, then check out this useful site which contains a demonstration video about accessing Channel 4 from outside the UK.


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Buying Modern Art for Beginners

Buying Modern Outline Wall Art may appear to be a simple job. Really, the particular order procedure is very simple. What isn’t so easy, is making a selection! An enormous collection is of contemporary Abstract Wall Art accessible, and there are a number of factors before making your final pick to be done. For instance, you should think about design and the color scheme of the area you would like to hang print, or the Oil Painting, in. You might find which you have a particular Canvas, however it might not be suitable, either due to design or colour, for the room you would like to hang it in.


It might be hard to not locate a Canvas, which can be incapable reveal something of your nature and lifestyle, and beautifying the room. Abstract Art is extremely private, as a result of the reality it’s representational of the religious and emotional results, we’ve around us to the planet. Many collectors find that Artist, or a particular fashion of Abstract Art, significantly appeals. That is simply because they connect to that particular certain Artist to the world in the same way. The design the love being effective at representing both their own aesthetic tastes, along with their psychological reactions. Through Abstract Art, people can depict more in relation to the real world.

Expressing and to us that which we find, in certain shape or kind, is instinctive recording. Even during ancient times, individuals would decorate their ‘houses’ with Art. Cavern walls could be utilized to record their encounters within that world, as well as the natural world around people. The ‘Art’ was simple. Throughout history, Art has consistently played an enormous part in our own lives, since civilization began recording every landmark. Now, a lot of people revel in skill to buy an extensive assortment of Modern Art that is varied. This is the best growth within Modern Art, the complete liberty to express ourselves as people, by way of a diverse range of medium. Among all of the growths that are great, there’s little, which reaches this more deeply.

There are sources of information and indeed galleries all over the world.  However thanks to the internet, you really don’t need to travel far simply login and there’s a wealth of possibilities available to you. There are some caveats, first of all you should be careful who you transact with online make sure it’s a legitimate gallery in a developed country.  You’ll probably find it useful to use a VPN which protects your connection useful, this for example shows you how to secure your connection with a British IP address.

Conventional Artwork is not any less precious to society, just because it has been diversified upon by us. To appreciate Modern Abstract Wall Art, will not mean ourselves blow off the value of conventional Artworks. Susceptibility the attractiveness, and craftsmanship of the distinguished masters will also have Art’s allure and admiration among collectors. Our introduction is reflected by abstract Art to a level of consciousness that is different. To blow off what ourselves were before, would be to mistake that which we’re now. Ourselves cannot where we stand if we blow off the road judge. To get this done, will be to blow off our experiences, and we really remove among the very critical theories within Modern Abstract Art in doing that. In other words, a mental and religious consciousness of who ourselves are, where we stand, as well as the way we react to the real world. In the end, everyone has their part to play ever.

James Collins

From IP Anonymizer

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Introduction to Abstract Galleries

An abstract art gallery or museum normally hosts art exhibitions and can also be employed as a place for the selling of artwork.

Some well-known abstract art galleries on earth are the Pecci Museum of Contemporary Art and Peggy Guggenheim Collection, Stedelijk Museum as well as Centre Pompidou, situated in Paris . America additionally fosters Whitney Museum, the Museum of Modern Art and two popular art galleries.


Centre Georges Pompidou, often called Pompidou Centre, houses around 50,000 art works including sculptures, paintings, drawings and pictures. The Peggy Guggenheim Collection in the flip side, is a little museum in the Grand Canal in Venice, Italy, which mainly includes Peggy Guggenheim’s private art collection. But the museum also exhibits groups of Italian futurists and other notable American modernists, and contains work according to motifs of surrealism, cubism and abstract expressionism. The museum has gained visibility for its number of American and European artwork of the 20th century’s very first half.

There are of course some wonderful resources for modern and abstract art available online, almost every gallery has an online presence.    There are some restriction unfortunately many galleries and media sites restrict access based on locations.  If you have trouble accessing,  then you may need to change your IP address to the same country, this video demonstrates how to access BBC iPlayer abroad and uses the same proceess –

Some well known art galleries are housed by England. The Tate Gallery as well as modern Art Oxford have some amazing art groups that are abstract. Modern Art Oxford was created in 1969 by a tiny group and hosts works of famous artists.

In America, Whitney Museum and the Museum of Modern Art show some well-known work. In addition, it shows works by leading American artists like Edward Hopper, Jasper Johns, and Jackson Pollock. The Whitney Museum in the flip side, exhibits modern American artwork by some lesser-known artists.

Abstract art galleries give a distinctive opportunity for art fans respect and to examine their preferred artists’ works, and through virtual art museums, these types of art works can also be reachable with modern technology.

For further information on accessing blocked sites – see here.

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So What’s Abstract Art all About?

Abstract art is a kind of artwork which uses a visual language type.  Abstract art, non-figurative art, nonobjective art, and nonrepresentational art are all very closely related terms. They are certainly similar, but definitely not of identical meaning.

Abstract art is a kind of artwork which has no particular area. It’s commonly only a haphazard of distinct colours, forms, and other things that’s extremely difficult to define. These kind of artworks are extremely not easy to interpret. This fashion of artwork was practiced since the center of the nineteenth century. There are really three types of abstract paintings. Abstract paintings are also an excellent selection of art for display.



It’ll undoubtedly get the attention of the guests and it’ll certainly make a great impression to your place. If you’re planning to improve the appearance of your house or room, you should get a quite captivating and lovely abstract painting. There are lots of abstract art works accessible on all the art gallery shops.

Artwork is an expression of ideas. A person generally draw, paint, compose, sing, or dance only to express emotion and a thought. Painting is one instance of an art form that is created by the artistic and creative head of an artist or painter. A known artist or painter had becomes pricey when an original oil painting ages or created it.

Remember though to consider other mediums than the traditional ones, especially for abstract art.  Many artists now all over Europe and North America are experimenting with using more modern means to compose and create their works of art.  Technology is having a profound effect in the art world, for example there are now some wonderful applications on computer tablets like the iPad.There was an interesting documentary on the Dublin art scene that perfectly illustrates that – available I think on the BBC – if you want to watch from Ireland or anywhere outside British mainland – use this method.

Everyone has another manner of expressing their thoughts and notions that are artistic. Having a fantastic set of paintings in your office or home can impress and amaze your guests, your home decor is enhanced by it. Explore buying a high quality and unique first oil painting.

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Young Nigerian Artists Need More Support – Counsellor States

Counsellor in the Embassy of France in Nigeria, Patrick Perez for Cooperation and Culture, and manager of the French Institute of Nigeria has called for more support for young and talented artists in the country. He said this will enable them attain their potential and use their abilities, including, “we want more art galleries, more area of work for them because Nigeria has several youthful and gifted artists.”

Perez said from the quality of her works, she’ll shortly exhibit in Paris in France, South Africa and other foreign nations.

Director General National Gallery of Art, Abdullahi Muku said Kemi’s trip is a source of encouragement to those and youthful artists who are working in complete studio practice.  Represented by the Director Research, Simon Ikpakronyi Presumed Pyramid Gallery for supporting the youthful artist, and he commended the French Institute of Nigeria.

The photographer and exhibitor, Kemi Akin-Nibosun said she attempts to depict Africa in an alternative light through them and she began developing the 40 works of her solo display from 2010 to 2014.

“It’s about the young female photographer looking at Africa from another view or in a way that it’s distinct and not the same manner we see on television or magazines,” she said.

Inquired why some folks in her images have missing limbs, attributes she said, “it’s because when folks see an African face they’re fast to judge and make premises where as it should be based on the environment in which they’re, their body gesture and everything else but their characteristics.”

Akinnibosun said photography in Nigeria’s future is bright but there’s need for investment and opportunities for these artists to flourish.  Artists across the world have always struggled to make a living, except for a fortunate few but in African countries it’s even more difficult.  There is great hope that the internet will extend the possibilities to African artists both in markets and opportunities.  An artist in Africa can operate virtually out of any area they wish, a small investment in a British VPN for example could bypass traditional bias against Nigerian internet businesses.

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Of Course You Can Learn to Draw!

When I was a little child, I loved to draw.  I would create pictures documenting almost every aspect of my life.  I drew images of my family, the house I lived in, and all of the wonderful day to day adventures that a little child experiences.  People told me that my drawings were wonderful and I was inspired.  I drew more and more.  People loved my drawings.  I created masterpieces for the refrigerators of every relative I knew.  Then things changed.

When I reached the “tween” years and entered middle school, people around me suddenly changed the standards they used to judge my art.  It was expected that my creations would look realistic.  They didn’t, and my reviews took a big hit.  So did my confidence.  In a very short time I went from inspired artist to someone who could do better if they really tried.  I put my pencils, markers and crayons away and believed what the people around me said.  I had no talent.  Drawing was only for those special few who were blessed with a “gift” for drawing.  Never mind that I had never received a single lesson about how to draw realistically.  For some reason, I was only judged by what I taught myself during my first twelve or thirteen years of life.

After I matured a bit, I realized that beating myself up for not being able to draw like a trained artist was silly.  The people who judged my drawings never would have expected me to know how to write letters or solve algebra problems without being taught.  Why would they expect me to know how to draw all by myself?  I bought myself some books about drawing, watched a plethora of how-to videos, drew a ton of sketches, and let myself fall in love with drawing again.  My right brain re-awakened and I shocked myself by creating lifelife images that impressed everyone who saw them.  The shame of it is, I lost several years simply because I chose to listen to the nonsense that others spouted at me.

Almost anyone can learn to draw just as most people can learn to write.  It takes some time and practice, but it can be done.  One of the first lessons any aspiring artists should learn is that there will always be critics.  You decide how much their opinion is worth.

How Can Art Students Make Money

Anyone who has studied and arts based subjects, is probably not expecting to become fabulously wealthy, although it’s nice to dream.  However just like anyone, art students need to live, pay the bills just like everyone else.


It’s nice to see some German universities taking a very practical approach to dealing with these issues.  Unless you’re one of  the very lucky few, most art students don’t manage to make a living out of art.  So what do they do, well the majority of artists I know have a sort of duel existence doing some sort of part time work or business whilst trying to  get their art career off the ground in the rest of their time.  What the German universities are doing is try to expand the options available for art students.

Many run a duel education programme, mixing an arts degree with a traditional apprenticeship.  Thus the student has the chance to learn a more technical or some might say practical skill such as welding, stone masonry, metal casting something like that.  The skill is certainly useful as a medium for art but it’s also a practical employable skill which can be used on a more mundane level.    I think it’s a brilliant idea and wish I’d have access to something like this.

Just think you out of college with your arts degree and suddenly realise that there’s no where near enough art related jobs to go around.  The majority have to try and make it on their own in a self employed business which obviously is easier said than done.  With the best luck in the world it’s going to take time to take this route so probably like me, you’ll end up initially finding some other sort of employment – I worked in a bar for 5 years.  Wouldn’t it be better to have come out with two options – an artist or a welder, or any other combination of the two.

The other advantage of taking this route is that an apprenticeship will normally offer work experience.  Something that most newly graduated students usually lack.  For others having this practical skill and experience can lead into art related roles that would never have been available.  When you think about it’s just another skill which can earn you money or improve your art.

There’s some great information on becoming an artist and ideas like this on the BBC website.  If you look on the iPlayer site as well there’s some regular art shows that are well worth watching, for those outside Britain you’ll need to use some sort of workaround to watch UK TV abroad – I use this one.


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A Great Way to Buy Art

I just read a great story of a new way to buy art, one that might actually make it affordable to people like me with a more modest budget.  Now ok it’s not exactly a worldwide idea yet, but you know how these things can catch on and it’s not something I’ve seen before.

Ok so what’s happening is that a gallery in London which specializes in street art is giving people the chance to buy shares in different works of art from top artists.  So if you can’t quite afford the asking prices on display you can just invest in a particular piece anyway.


When you visit the gallery you’re given an iPad which you can use to buy shares in real time.  If you invest in 25% of the shares in a particular piece then you can take it home and hang it on your walls for up to three months.  The shares are allowed to fluctuate according to demand pretty much like a stock market.

The works are by some big names, there’s stuff on sale from Nanksy, Shepard Fairey and Ben Frost from Australia.  All highly commercial artists but you can invest in their work from a few pounds for a single share.  The Banksy piece for example  is £120 for a single share but many more are much less and often in single figures.

The concept is being run by a company called My Art Invest, it’s something I really like the sound of  even though it’s primary focus is of course to make money.  It does make the art market more accessible to ordinary people though, without tens of thousands to spend on art.  Apparently it have been tried in Paris where investors made on average a 30% return.

The owner makes a good point about making investing in Art more popular, by referencing the way galleries often sell their stuff.  Half the time there’s no prices and you have to ask someone how much – which can be kind of embarrassing if it’s way out of your league.  I must admit I rarely bother asking presuming it is too much for my modest budget.

It’s also good to see this sort of market getting more  up to date, you can buy pretty much anything online now.   To be able to sit at home and buy a share in a piece of art in a UK gallery is hugely attractive to me – even though I hope I don’t have to end up using my proxy switcher program here if they restrict access.

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The Art From My Cat

I have a 7 months old cat which lives with me. She likes to sit around and watch me work at home. For a busy woman like me it is a little difficult to give a lot attention to my pet but thanks God she is not the spoiled cat that need my attention every single minute. The automatic cat feeder helps me a lot to give her proper food when I am not around.

But anyway one day, I found one of my paints is missing. I did not care at first because I did not need it. Then the next day, another one is missing. I started to get curious about that. The odd thing was my cat was also missing. I started to worry that something bad was happen to my cat. I started calling her and I found a tiny red paw print on my floor.

When I followed it, I was very surprised when I saw what in front of me. Apparently, my lovely cat decided to redecorate my wall with her paw print. It was so pretty with all the color she used. I did not have a heart to stay mad on her, because seriously it was so good painting; it was a cat we talk about that made it. I seriously do not have  any idea that my cat is capable of doing the painting. I still keep the wall the way it was until now. Well until my cat decides when she wants to change the decoration again, at least.

Trip to Japan



Last autumn was the perfect time to visit Japan. I went there with my best friends and we enjoyed every single moments we spent there. Japan was really something. The people and the road and the building are something incredible. People were walking in sync. My favorite part was watching the cherry blossom that stood in line along the road we passed. We stayed with my Japanese friends who has dog in her apartment. She also has the automatic dog feeder for her lovely dog. That amazed me how she treats her pet with so much love. I think I should get one for my dog also. Trip to japan was something I need to clear all the stress from work. I suggest you pay a visit some other time to enjoy Japan with your own eyes. Trust me it’s wort.


The Business of Art

Art is subjective and in that respect can be tricky to put a price on. Even if you did certain artists might say you are trying to sell out, just look at the reaction to certain street artists moving into the galleries.

For me my art is my living and I see no shame in being able to put a price tag on some of my work. Getting it out there is what drives me on and displaying my work is what makes me happy. Being able to see peoples genuine reaction is what drives me on.

I have found that my website has been a lot busier as well since I looked into getting some digital marketing advice. It was actually a friend of mine that runs a business who told me how much it can help and I looked about until I found the right help, click here. Getting some pointers on how to optimise my site and make sure it appeals to the kind of people that follow my work has resulted in a lot more visitors which is translating to more people coming to my gallery exhibitions.

Hopefully this exposure will be what I need to push me on to the next level.


Finally She Gets Her First Pet


While we were in Texas, we decided to stay for a while and spend a couple of weeks at my father’s house.  I knew this would not be exiting for my kid, spend the holiday in the village where there is a farm surrounding the house and no friends they know. Only cow, duck and chicken. Perhaps they thought I made the terrible mistake of going here. My daughter was always nagging asking to go home.

I told to her “summer is all about going on adventures with the people you love. You have to treat every day like it’s a never-ending popsicle for you to suck on and not give a damn if the sweet juice sticks to your fingers and makes everything a mess”. She just kept silent and go straight ahead to her room.

I hope she would enjoy this summer holiday at her grandparents farm. The following day my father asked my daughter to come along with him to the farm feed the duck, cow and milky cow. She seemed to be happy. I am glad that she started to enjoy her summer holiday. I wanted to show her that there are various animals with the various ways of their life and what they eat.

My father has a funny cat in his house, surprisingly my daughter loves it, and he gave it to my daughter as to take care of. I knew it would be difficult for my little girl to feed her cat regularly that’s why I bought her automatic cat feeder to help her nurture her cat. This is her first pet.


Creating the Right Mood

As an artist sometimes people expect me to be able to create at the drop of a hat. For me it is not so simple, I need inspiration and that can’t be conjured up out of thin air.

I find meditation a great way to clear my mind, working from a blank canvas if you will, helps me to get started with a project and come up with an idea. Another great way for me to relax and clear my mind is through bathing which is why I recently invested in a new bathroom that acts as a kind of sanctuary for me,

Of course when I get an idea I am totally caught up in it and can’t think of anything else. I become obsessive and want to work on it all the time but have to tear myself away to get some perspective. Again, my bath is the perfect place for me to do this. If I become to close to my work I get blinkered and sometimes stepping back and taking a fresh look can open up new avenues for me to explore. Some of my best work has been created this way and I think that my latest piece could turn into something special.



PaymentBot Payment Calculator – Intelligent Application Design

Application GUI can be an artform in and of itself.  Consider the PaymentBot Payment Calculator GUI.

When you step foot into the grocery store, you probably know that there are many decisions you are going to have to make while shopping. Most people that head to their local supermarket do not take on this task with an unlimited budget. Instead, they have a set amount of money that they can afford to spend at any given time. If you are going to stick to this budget, you would need to eliminate some of the foods that you would have otherwise been interested in purchasing. Also, you would have to be able to compare items that are the same within a given group and determine which one you would rather purchase. Typically, this means looking at the cost and deciding if the cheaper one is something that you can live with. PaymentBot is a tool that allows you to apply the same process to other areas of your life.

When it comes to purchases that are much larger, the math can often be very complex. As a result, you may not be able to judge your options on a fair ground that they deserve to be compared on. However, this does not mean that you should subject yourself to simply selecting the first option that you come across. PaymentBot could be a solution that would save you thousands of dollars, you simply need to enter the basic information of the products that you are attempting to make a decision on. Once you have done this, you would be able to easily discover which would come with the lowest overall price. The value of this would be the ability to decide where you are spending your money in a way that is informed and powerful. PaymentBot makes difficult spending decisions a lot easier than they were at one time.

Introduce Your Kids to Art

Kids like to test out whatever media is accessible for them. Art, being a natural expression, gives kids an smooth and easy release to allow them to express their ideas, feelings and senses. Often, as a parent, you may be shocked to see what your kids have drawn at college or at home when you are not about. They represent many different thoughts and feelings that are hidden inside your kid. It is crucial to supply loads of encouragement to kids to draw, paint, colour, or even sculpt, in whatever form they’re thinking about.

Art is recommended by plenty of therapists as a kind of treatment to aid kids to open up and to develop self confidence. This applies particularly regarding children who’ve experienced abuse. They often create the most gifted graphics.

Children’s drawings aren’t as pointless as they sometimes appear.

It could be almost impossible to connect at all with children that are handicapped or even challenged, if children aren’t supplied with a chance to draw. Artwork can become a key to help get inside a kid’s head and understand what they are feeling  If they don’t take to using traditional media perhaps introduce them to creating art on a computer or if you have an iPAd then there are many tools and applications that can help your child express themselves in a digital format.  Mine love their iPad and use it watch British TV using a VPN – like this –, so they are always happy to spend time with a drawing or painting application.

It’s time that people recognized the significance of art in a kid’s life. It’s certainly important that kids are exposed to the media of which can be a kind of self expression. When it might merely be an “additional” school area.  Try and support and encourage your son or daughter to make it a compulsory part of their own routine.

For more information on those little technical tweaks that can open up doors on  the internet, then the place to look is often YouTube.  This for example is how you can access the American Netflix – DNS Proxy for Netflix, very useful if you have a subscription.


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My Life

My latest art installation is entitled ’My Life’ and speaks of a period in time when I was unemployed and did nothing but sit on the couch watching TV all day.

The exhibit is myself sitting on my fabric corner sofa bed and living the same routine. I have a TV and fridge as well as personall restroom. I want to speak of a culture where we sit back and wait for our lives to come to us, where we rely on others to make our luck when all it takes is to stand up and make it for ourselves.

I am using my actual furniture because I feel it is an extension of myself and I will be able to give a true reflection of the time I am trying to recapture.

I am limiting the TV to four stations to show how we choose to watch whatever rubbish is on in front of us. My meals are all microwave meals so I can cook and eat without leaving the workspace.

I am going to be living in the area for 1 week in the summer and i hope to make an impression on the people that come to visit.



Does Your Bag Show Your Self Expression?

It is difficult to deny that our areas of fashion expertise are most often those areas that provide us the greatest model of bag—and dare I say, bag is like a mirror that reflect my style. This may involve some personal inquiry or soul searching on our part. I always need a bag which show my style, when I fell I can express my self the answer of my question is found.

Yeah that’s my style. A bag I need required to my self, one is tough and full of attitude; the other is delicate and beautiful action to help me find the perfect fit, and the important thing it should has is how to get the look today. As a woman we have unique clothing moods that affect our self expression, shopping time and all-the-time behavior. What is your consideration to determine the fit bag for you? If I were you I’d like to visit to find the best choice of my bag.



Egypt’s First Digital Art Exhibition – Di-Egy 0.1

Egypt is a great place for an artist.  I last visited some years ago on an errand for a friend to buy some silver jewellery from the famous bazaars in Cairo.  My favorite parts are the desert,  where you can thousands of years of history against the backdrop of the soft yellow sands of the desert.  But if you do venture into the hussle and bussle of the cities like Cairo, you’ll not be short of inspiration I can assure you.

Of course the country has changed in the last few years, the revolution of 2011 has meant that Egypt is a completely different place.  That change has perhaps inspired the setup of the Di-Egy festival which is being held at two separate venues in Cairo – the Gezira Art Center and the British Council Gallery.  The event is the first exhibition of digital and performing art in the county and includes many local participants from the International community.

It is in many senses inspired directly from the revolution and many of the exhibits reflect this.  Digital technologies and social networks played a pivotal role in the events of January 2011.  Many people even believe that the revolution would not have been so successful without the communication and rallying that happened in the digital world.

Young Egyptians are keen to grasp hold of this freedom that has been afforded them.  For the Westerners who complain about  the odd video not being available on Youtube like this site explains, it was nothing to the filtering and control that Egyptians suffered on using the internet.  They had to put up with a lot more than just commercial based censorship, like not being able to watch the BBC iPlayer or Hulu (which you can bypass anyway using a VPN like this)

There are of course massive concerns and protests now about Mubarak’s replacement – the ruling Muslim Brotherhood. Yet festivals like this give them great hope about the future of art and free expression in the country.  The Festival is actually being run alongside an academic conference being held at the German University in Cairo.  This included participants from an estimated 20 different countries, all taking part in seven workshops.  The goal is to expose local artists to some of the latest types of digital art and techniques.

There’s no doubt digital art is new to Egypt but the signs are good that it could develop quickly.  If you walk around the streets of Cairo you’ll see on the walls of roads and subways some of the most beautiful political graffiti anywhere in the world.  Egypt has the artists to embrace art in all forms and festivals like Di-Egy will definitely help.

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The Art Of The Workout

Working out regularly can be tough.  It takes time, discipline, and commitment.  Unfortunately, many of us don’t have all three of these traits to be able to stick with a workout regimen.  That is why working out should be looked at differently.  

If we think about working out as an art form, it can be far easier for many of us to not only follow through with working out, but turn it into a passion.  Life truly does imitate art on many different fronts, and working out is one of them.  Dance is considered an art form, so why not think of working out as a type of dance, if you will?  It hones the abilities of strength, coordination, and balance.  The results are increased strength, agility, quicker reflexes, and improved balance and coordination.  

I think the reason why so many people struggle with working out and exercising is because they have yet to find the right workout for them.  It requires looking at things differently, however, to be able to commit to fitness and achieve your health goals.  Take this website, for example: there are a lot of different ideas for looking at things differently.  From food as art, to now exercising as an art form—they all offer different perspectives on different areas of their lives.  

When you take into consideration the grace, speed, endurance, and agility to complete a workout, it is very easy to see how during the course of a workout, life truly does imitate art.  Let’s take it a step further to see that a good workout will give us the same benefits as dance or other forms of expression.  It certainly makes it easier for me to make a commitment to fitness when I consider the art of the workout.



The Peace To Express Myself

It can often be hard to get the peace and serenity to look into yourself and express what you are truly feeling. To achieve that inner peace I find that meditation works best for me and finding somewhere quiet and peaceful really helps.

I started looking for lodges in northumberland so I could get out into nature and clear my mind. I managed to get a great place and spent a week just concentrating on me and it worked wonders. By the time I came back I was fully refreshed and felt so productive that my painting was all I wanted to do. Ideas were flowing out of me and I have never been able to create such work before and I put it all down to being able to clear my head in this way.

I am moving on to sculpting now because of thoughts I had when I was away and I am excited to enter into this new chapter of my expression and am looking forward to seeing what I will be able to create.

Hopefully in time I will move on to othr art forms to as I feel to fully express myself I need to investigate all art forms and leave my comfort zone.


Why You Should Be Paying Attention to Greenhouses


Do you like to save money? Actually, a better question may be, does anyone not like to save money? Saving money is great. It can allow you to invest in the things that you really want to, afford some nice extras for yourself or your loved ones, or even allow you to start up a nice savings account. But the problem is, with grocery expenses the way they are, saving money has become something of a fiction, especially if you want to eat organic and avoid stuffing yourself with chemicals and pesticides. However there is a solution that will allow you to eat organic, save money and keep you and your family healthy. It’s called a greenhouse, and it has been around for quite some time.

Why Greenhouses Are Great

What makes greenhouses so great? Well first off, they allow you to plant whatever you want, almost whenever you want, and if you have ever tried gardening, and lost plants due to unexpected weather, then you know how great of a thing that is. Beyond that, greenhouses are convenient. When it comes to winter time, no one likes to go outside and shiver in the cold, trying to water their plants. Greenhouses are virtually weather proofed, and they can fight off rain, snow and even other more extreme weather conditions. This alone makes them a great investment, as it all but ensure the success of your gardening efforts.

How You Can Get Started With a Greenhouse

Most people hear the term greenhouse and automatically imagine a giant farm style structure. This is simply not the truth of it. In fact, you can easily find a greenhouse that is the perfect size to fit in your back yard. Finding a greenhouse for sale is rather easy as well. You can buy one online, or you can head to your local gardening or hardware store to buy one. If you want to save even more money, you might even want to consider buying your greenhouse used. This can ensure that you keep the recycling and handing down of things going, and minimalize the amount of materials you use. It can also save you a whole bunch of money, at times, depending upon the size of the greenhouse you want, up to a few thousand dollars in total, which is a very nice number indeed.



Having Your Own Website for Your Graphic Designs Despite Website Design Prices

If you like to make Windows themes and Winamp skins, you can just offer your work to various websites, which would gladly accept these kinds of submissions. But if you’re contemplating a career in graphic design one of these days, you may want to have them all in your very own website. Such a website can function as a hi-tech Curriculum Vitae, and it can present a much more compelling case for any potential employer than just another paper CV. They’re more expensive than a paper printout for sure, but at least the website design prices are often much less than what budding filmmakers need to have in order to make their own amateur films. That’s the price of art, you might say.

Windows Themes

The great thing about the most recent Windows versions is that it is easy enough to change the general appearance of Windows itself. Windows users can download new themes based on their favorite celebrities, sports, hobbies, films, or games. They may also feature original designs evoking certain moods and vibes. When you make one, you can change the entire appearance of Windows for your visitors, including changing the cursors as well.

Winamp Skins

Winamp has long been a free program used to play mp3 songs. As a Winamp skin maker, you can provide your very own look for the player, while making sure that all the functions Winamp provides are still available for the user.

The great thing about these creations is that you can track the number of downloads each one generates. This can give you an insight as to the general preference of the current audience. But you also need to have an appropriate website to house all your graphic creations, just as many works of art are housed in fabulous museums which can be considered works of art themselves. So make sure you’re in synch with your web designer regarding the look of your site, and if you can help out where you can, you may be able to lower the website design prices to a certain extent.

What Makes Automatic Dog Feeder Incredible


Find the easier and healthier way to feed your large dog. Think about if you can’t always be there when it is hungry. An automatic dog feeder for large dogs is the fast, easy way to feed your pet. These pet feeders are dishwasher safe which makes for a quick and easy clean-up. Pet owner always worry when they have to leave their dog inside for some meetings. This automatic dog feeder will help you to feed your dog during your vocation and you don’t need to trust him to a nanny or caretaker because they might forget to feed your dog and leave them locked in the kennel.

You will see your pets safe outdoors without worrying away from their own yard to risk injury or upsetting others. This feeder is one incredible product you can choose from multiple time settings. Feed every 8, 12, or 24 hours. The special features of this tool you can record your own special message or call for your pets to hear before they eat.

Collecting Silver Art

I’ve recently started collecting some silver items for my own collection and also as an inspiration to my art.  I love silver and fortunately is more suited to my price bracket than gold!  I am trying to collect antique pieces but at the moment my collecting is a little bit scattergun.  Collectors have told me to try and specialise in one particular area for a couple of reasons.

Firstly it gives you a chance to get to know your subject, you can research something like Russian or Chinese silver and really get to know what you’re looking for.  It also means you’re more likely to spot any fakes and items being passed off for something they’re not.

One thing I have noticed is the huge variation in prices especially for antique pieces.  I was browsing around a new web site set up by a silver dealer – and I found this silver prayer book cover which I liked.

It looked in great condition and didn’t seem that expensive at £265 including the prayer book.  Problem is that I have no idea how to price these things other than weighing it and working out the cost of the silver.  Walking around the antique shops in Kensington in London this weekend and I stumbled across yet another prayer book case which looked fairly similar.  The cost was over £600 and you didn’t get the prayer book!

Now there might be a very good reason why the second cover was more expensive, but it didn’t seem older or better quality.  I’m fairly sure it wasn’t older or from a better maker so why the difference in price.  As yet I have no real idea but it does show it’s worth looking around in the antique silver market !

Technical Input from Jim Greenhoff~!

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There’s Nothing Trivial About Your Health

When it comes to important issues, it’s hard to imagine anything more important than our health. I’m sure everyone has heard the expression, “At least I have my health”. People that say that have usually gone through some other type of loss that makes them put things in a better perspective. Generally, it’s a material or financial loss that they have suffered. That in and of itself, is a cause for concern don’t you think. Why don’t more people take better care of themselves on a daily basis? We’re often so overwhelmed in our day to day pursuit of living, that there doesn’t seem to be time for exercise and healthy eating. While it’s true, that earning a living, and maintaining your life style are important, in reality they’re pretty trivial if you don’t stay healthy.

One of the things that make staying healthy is simply bad habits. Bad habits for eating, and bad habits when it comes to exercise. I recently underwent a 90 day fitness / nutrition routine called P90X, that made be realize just how easy it is to be healthy. Don’t get me wrong, as this was a pretty non-trivial routine, but it was also very doable once you got into routine of it. There was plenty of healthy eating and some Sports nutrition supplements to use.  For instance, for a recovery drink I didn’t use the one suggested by the program, but used plain old chocolate milk.  It’s one that wasn’t widely promoted when the program first came out, but since then there have been a few studies that suggest it is better for you.

The point of all this I suppose, is that I didn’t take my health and nutrition for granted.  Mind you, I did have alternative motives for doing this, as I wanted to perform better at another activity I play a lot, which is badminton.  It worked pretty well.  The trick is to stay motivated and continue the program as best I can.  While I don’t follow all the routines, I do still do some of them in between my badminton games.  The YogaX from P90x is actually one of my favorites as it covers a lot of the important physical factors an aging body needs.  Strength, toning, flexibility, and peace of mind.

So, the bottom line is to take a little better care of your self.  Your good health if you still have it is not a trivial matter.  All the other stuff around your life is.


Don’t Ignore Financial Reality

If you have recently come into a financial need for some extra money, you may be thinking about taking out a loan. However, it is important for you to understand that you would need to pay back the total amount of the loan and the interest that is attached. Only through an agreement to be responsible for both of these amounts would you be able to secure a loan. However, you may want to use an  interest calculator in order to determine if this loan would be in your best interest. If you do not have very many alternatives, you would have to make a choice based on the lowest amount of interest. When you choose based on this, you would find it easier to pay down the loan in a shorter period of time.

An interest calculator is a tool of great value when it comes to taking out a loan. There are many people that fall into the trap of taking on loans that can be very expensive. If you do this, you will likely struggle to keep up with the payments. If you have an alternative, you may want to make this decision based on the total cost of the loan that you need. When you make the best financial move, you are less likely to experience problems with falling behind on payments in the future. When you find yourself in a difficult financial situation, you should turn to this calculator in order to help you move forward correctly.

Do You Like Abstract Art

 Have you seen any other cool wine or wine related pictures lately? I only ask because I recently was hired by a company to take a number of product shots for them and frankly they don’t know exactly what they are looking for and really, I’ve never done product photography before either! These guys sell a variety of high end wine related gift baskets, which I like.  Overall I hope they are successful, but I’ve heard seling alcohol online isn’t exactly an easy task.  

Any suggestions on the photography side of things?


Expression and Comfort in Medical Offices

generic isn’t always better guysSo I recently started doing some consulting work for the San Diego Chiropractor Directory (see the site at with a job of explaining to clients and chiropractors who are featured on the site, about using art and personal expression to help patients become more comfortable in their waiting rooms.

At first glance it feels like a strange little project for someone accustomed to working on the internet, but it’s been fun to see how my work can be taken offline as well.  Plus, any of us that have ever been in a medical office knows how stale and annoying the art and waiting room can feel.  Making people more comfortable should make the job of these chiropractors that much easier!


Welcome to 2013 Across the World

It’s my favorite time of the year, I love seeing in the New Year.  One of the best bits is now using the internet you can actually interact with people who’re in a different year to you.   I normally like to visit somewhere outdoors for a bit of a party, Trafalgar Square in London is great or many people climb smallish mountains near to my home and celebrate on the top.

I’ve been watching some of the celebrations that have been broadcast on the BBC using the internet. I use this site to get access if you’re interested – Just noticed the Australian one go up – apparently over 1.5 million people watching around Sydney Harbour !


That number will be exceeded in lots of places, they’re expecting 2 million plus on the Copacabana Beach in Rio which sounds amazing.  However I think one of the best stories is that of Rangoon which will be celebrating New Year for the first time.  Now Burma is beginning to have some sense of democracy, they can actually have a party.  It will probably be an incredible place to celebrate – I hope they have fun.

But in one place, we’re just hoping for peace – the city of Delhi is somewhat of a powderkeg at the moment.  The brutal rape and murder of the young student on a bus in the city has cast a huge shadow over the Indian city.  Hopefully change will come peacefully and quickly to India, where women are often treated terribly by a large sector of society there.


The Art Of Drinking

To many drinking is nothing more than cracking open a few cans or going out to the pub and buying as many cheap shots as you can before staggering home, covered in your own vomit and half eaten kebab. But to some drinking is a little bit more, almost a ceremonious occasion.

I without doubt fall into the second category and like nothing more than picking one of my favourite whiskies, like one of these, and sitting back with a few logs on the fire and a nice Sinatra record on the turntable. I also like to dust off the old crystal decanters and using those to display my whisky.

My friends all enjoy the occasion too as it differs so greatly from todays high paced way of life and allows us to sit back and chat, not hurriedly throw drinks down our necks in a desperate crusade to drunkeness. Taking the time to enjoy a nice drink is something that may actually seem old fashioned to some but why not enjoy it, why rush and race your way through an average bottle when you can take the time to sit back and enjoy quality. To me it is what they might call a ’no brainer’ where you do not even need to think to realise that one is far superior to the other.

As an artist I like people to enjoy my work and I am sure the creators of fine whiskies would feel the same so I think of it as a proffesional courtesy to fully appreciate all their time and effort.

Hopefully in time more people will start to think like this, however, I see the nation as being stuck in a rut. That we work all week and rush out to get into a drunken stupour as soon as possible, where idiocy is lauded and people proudly regale their colleagues on a monday morning of drunken foolishness that if told with a sober backdrop would be a tale they would be too ashamed to tell.



Showcasing My Talents Elsewhere

my gift basket designI recently had the chance to showcase some of my talents elsewhere.  Specifically a company asked me to help them design packaging for their wine gift baskets, which I thought was really pretty cool on a number of levels.

To start, it wasn’t something that I had ever thought about doing before.  I mean, a gift basket is a gift basket right?  In this case we were able to take their initial designs and actually come up with an innovative hard wooden shell to put the products inside.

If you look at the image above, it looks like an interested set up right? I mean, that’s a good looking full gift basket that I bet anyone would love to receive!


The Automatic Cat Litter Box – Advantages and Disadvantages

With the emergence of many innovations, it is no surprise that various types of litter boxes are available in the market. It is very ideal for cat lovers who do not have the luxury of having a lawn or backyard where their pets can do their “thing.” Those living in condominiums, hotels and skyscrapers benefit mostly, but those who would like to have less hassle in cleaning is welcome to own one.

Generally made out of fine ground clay, silica, and also sand, cat litter is an essential part of everyday life for any cat owner. These ingredients each possess their own specialized functions and purposes, but with all of them combined it creates a unique concoction that absorbs and reduces odor with great ease so that felines are able to use the restroom indoors without causing any messes around the house. For anyone who doesn’t let their cat outside and allows them to roam around in the house, cat litter is vital and a very essential factor in ownership of the feline kind. There are always two poles in this world, just like there are always two sides of the things, advantages and disadvantages. Here are the lists of them Advantages • Fully automatic cleaning

• The happy users really love it!

• Eliminates pet waste and litter from entering landfills and reduces clay litter strip mining demand

• Excellent noise performance

• Minimal recurring litter cost but recurring Sani Solution cost

• Hood available to reduce litter scatter

• Good for multiple cats but some large cats may feel the bowl is too small Disadvantages

• Additional environmental concerns due to extra water/power usage

• Complex design may raise high malfunction risk compare to another self cleaning litter boxes

• Occasional odor problems due to imperfect feces scooping

• Increased water supply bill, Sani Solution, replacement litter, maintenance cartridge

• Kind of big, must be placed near a water supply & drain (bathroom or laundry room are good candidates)

All this is possible because of logical thinking and technological innovation. So if you still don’t own a self cleaning litter box, then it’s time you buy one or you can check out our automatic cat litter box recommendation for further information.


A Tribute to Michael Hutchence

Well not everyone liked him but nobody can argue he led the life of a real rock star.  Michael Hutchence died 15 years ago and now hopefully work will start on a film about his life. The task of producing a screenplay has been assigned to Bobby Galinsky a successful screenwriter. 

He has obtained the rights to a book on the INXS singer, written by his mother and sister.  THe book was called ’Just a Man’ and will form the basis of the film.  It is expected to cover the entire span of his short life, he died aged only 37 years.  

Hutchence became a rock star as the lead singer of INXS at the end of the 1980s. The album that transported them into the mainstream was Kick, which sold over 10 million copies. This moved him into the A list circuit and the good looking Hutchence had a string of high profile relationships with stars like Kylie Minogue and Paula Yates.  It was with Paula that he had a daughter, who unfortunately didn’t get much chance to know her father.

On a sunny day in Sydney, the body of Michael Hutchence was found dead in a hotel room, the date was 22 November, 1997. The cause of death – well we’re not quite sure.  He was under the influence of drugs and alcohol at the time which probably affected his state of mind.

There was no doubt he was a real showman and when you hear the track Never Tear us Apart, you know the world has lost a sublime artist.  The band has continued to tour though, replacing Michael with a Talent show winner. In the end INXS lasted along time without their front man, ’till 2012.  If you can find it in the archives their meeting with Paula Yates is on the various media streams, you’ll probably need a UK server address to access but it’s well worth it.  Try this site 

Whatever the story of his end, the world lost a real rock star and there have not been that many of those! RIP Michael.


New Design for Interest Calculator

One of the reasons that a compound interest calculator is essential to your life would be the investments that you are putting money toward. When you place capital into any investment, you will have interest that is added on a regular basis. However, this is often very difficult to calculate. If you do not know how much money you will have coming in, it would be very difficult to make sure that all of the aspects of your financial life are in order. The best way to remedy this would be to use a calculator that would allow you to determine how much interest you should have coming in based on your investment. Once you have this information, you would be able to determine how you would like to invest in the future.

Confusion is very common when it comes to investments that are provided with interest. In fact, millions of people simply count on the fact that they are getting random amounts of interest for their investment. An interest calculator is a great way to learn just how much money you should be expecting, this could save you a great deal of confusion. Success when it comes to investing is all about having the tools that can make it easier for you to manage your money. This calculator would be a great way to ensure that you are getting the payments that you are expecting. Remove the risk that comes with not knowing what is going on with your finances.

Favorite Design Project

As a designer i often get asked to work on different projects some of which are completely left field and out my comfort zone but sometime your are just hit with a project that would love and can’t wait to get your teeth stuck into. This is what happened recently when i was asked to help in the design of some ladies motorcycle clothing

Ive always loved motorbikes from a young age with my father owning a number of them as i was growing up and spent many a day helping him clean the bikes and riding with him, then eventually progressing to get my own bike and leathers. This was a great time in my life were i was able to get the freedom i was so longing for and it really helped develop my into the person i have become. 

Getting this project was a real buzz for me and was something i was going to put 110% into getting it right and making the best possible designs i could hoping that i will be asked back to work on the project again in the future. 

Given the option to do what ever i wanted i decided it was maybe best for me to look into doing some market research and find out what people would like before diving straight in and making a complete mess of what was going on. So after talking to a group of female bikers i had an idea of what was wanted and was able to set about designing a full range of clothing. 

The outfit have not been submitted so its all a waiting game now to see how they have gone down, the inical feedback has been positive so fingers crossed you will see the designs soon and will be back with a full range in the new year,  

Austerity and Banner Art

Well most other countries have had their share of marches, protests and demonstrations against the various austeity measures being implemented across Europe.  But now it seems, it’s the UK’s turn in a huge macrhc organised by the Trade Unions.

As usual there’s the usual disparity in the amount who  are supposed to attend.  The TUC are claiming about 150,000 whilst the Government and the police have suggested that the actual figure is much smaller.  IT’s definitely not as many as the London Anti Cuts march in 2011 which suggest that many are resigned to the cuts as inevitable. 

Many of the policiticans got rather mixed receptionists with even Mr Milliband being booed on stage.  However mostly this was in reference to his speech which suggested that cuts had to happen.

The atmosphere was on the whole pretty good though.  There were bands and whistles plus some of the highest quallity banners I’ve seen at a march for some time.


Take a look at these fantastic banners they are like works of art.  Many of these were also seen in the london demo of March 2011 and to be honest it’s a real privilige to see them at any time.  They are made by Edmund Hall a retired architect from Blackheath. He has been making these banners for protestors for over 25 years.  He has apparently created more than four hundred of them.

They are really magnificent and obviously take lots of effort. There is some footage on the BBC Iplayer of bboth the 2011 and the October 2012 marches and you can see Mr Hall’s banners in the footage.  If you can’t access the BBC perhaps because you’re not in  the UK then you can get access by this method –  It’s relatively straight forward and just involves hiding your IP address in order to get the BBC software to work ok – worked for me anyway perhaps you should try it.




The Amazing Phuket and Its Fantastic Hotels

Phuket is without any doubts one of the dream destinations for those who love the water, the sun and the sand in the same place. Phuket is a fantastic holiday destination that is going to attract your attention with the welcoming people, the breathtaking landscapes, the delicious food, as well as with the impressive architecture, especially the one that you will enjoy thanks to the interior of all the important hotels. 

Phuket is a place where those who love architecture should definitelt go. The combination of elements is an extremely original one and unique in the world. Phuket’s architecture has numerous elements that come from completely opposite corners of the world, so I think that this combination is going to attract your attention and make you feel that you are in a fairtytale world that you have to visit again. 

Phuket’s architecture is influenced by the former associations of the city with European nations, such as Hollan, France, Great Britain and Portugal. It is also the place where a Chinese establishment lived for several decades and the place where the Malays and Thai traditionally meet. It is a fascinating cultural mix that created a unique townscape for the entire Thailand. 

The Phuket heritage is a Thai Chinese one, but you’ll also see some European elements in the interior of all the Phuket hotels. How did all the Phuket hotels come to life and why are they all so amazing in which regards the architecture? Well, it all began with the Chinese who came here in order to work in the tin mines. They started marrying locals and even though they worked in the tin mines, they were able to create very good lives for themselves. Some of them even became the famous tin mines moguls and they are the ones who started building the resort hotels. 

The initial architecture of these hotels resembles the British Strait Settlements that could be found in Malaysia. The first element that will attract your attention is the entrance. The front verandahs form the sheltered walkways. These verandahs form the element that will definitely attract your attention and make you want to enter one of the Phuket hotels. The facades of these hotels are decorated with Neo Classical and Renaissance elements, such as the ones that belong to the stucco design. These elements offer the facades of these hotels a lot of grace and this is one of the reasons why you will find these hotels as being beautiful. Once you are inside the hotels, enjoy the beauty of the large living rooms that have floors made of ceramic tiles and make sure that you observe every single European element that implements the idea of old. Most of the furniture found in these hotels is carved in wood, while the wall d e corations are usually inspired from the Chinese culture.

As you can see, the combination of decorative elements is a really impressive one and I think that you will love it, but this means that you have to visit Thailand and especially Phuket in order to enjoy it.


Product Design Can Make Or Break A Brand

The number of people switching to electronic cigarettes is steadily increasing and with this we are seeing e cig brands developing new designs and accessories to make their product more attractive. The most common area of improvement with regard to design is undoubtedly the e cig itself, manufacturers need to be careful they don’t sacrifice the quality of product though in this process. One brand that has continuously developed design whilst keeping quality high is Safe Cig, they have managed to design an e cigarette that delivers on all aspects of taste and battery life. They have also made this available to all budgets with the use of the Safe Cig coupon code.

Another improvement that is trending is the use of a PCC (personal charging case). These are devices that charge your e cig battery when you are on the move so you never run out. The original designs were not the best and almost seemed like an after thought, the current ones however are starting to look slick, something you are not going to be embarrassed about getting it out in public. This is a very important thing to get right and one that will make customers feel at ease using the product.


Is a web design template art?

Web design can be an art. There is no doubt that. Absolutely suit: how many websites developed by actual web designers are on the market? With the amount of crap that solely invades the Internet as well as suffocates the users nowadays, you will find critical good reasons to doubt that will web design is surely an art in its own right. What are known as web creative designers generate awful generated for AdSense sites, or perhaps those bad personal webpages who have nothing to point out.

However the World Wide Web is a world and you should look forward to finding, like reality, tones involving rubbish along with electronic digital garbage. Sites such as these get people to believe that it is fine to set upwards a website even if it can be bad. Anyone can start a website, yet, can easily anyone design the website? Naturally certainly not, considering that new websites look online each day which aren’t good in any way. Web design templates brings together traditional arts using technical knowledge.

A web designer is not only the web coder: she or he is a performer in a position to view the value of impression and also other graphic elements, as well as understands just what impact these types of might have around the audiences. The web custom works together with pictures along with terms to make the perfect web layout. To make exclusive websites, the kind of websites that basically increase the value of the planet Wide Web, experienced web creative designers make use of a variety of resources. And then these types of templates allow you to steer clear of a lot of trivial things like employing a web custom using whom you will have a fall out at any kind of time. 


Cleanliness is no Laughing Matter, It’s an Art

After reading the title of this post, you must be wondering what the big deal with cleanliness is, how is it and when did it become an art? Frankly, I personally consider cleanliness as an art because not every person around is clean, neither are the surroundings. Okay, before you get confused let me clarify my point in a crystal clear manner.

Cleanliness doesn’t necessarily mean just to take a shower every morning and wear neat clothes. It also includes keeping your surroundings clean – whether it is the house you live, the car you drive, the office you work in, and most importantly the people you are surrounded by.

All these things and people together make your life clean and healthy.

So if you don’t get enough time to clean your house because of the work schedules, ensure to take some time out and clean it on regular basis. This becomes even more necessary when you’ve pets. It becomes tedious to clean the surrounding because of pets – therefore, you’ve to train your pets to use an automatic litter box. This would ease your cleanliness efforts.

Then coming to the car you drive, it’s necessary to get the servicing done frequently. Ensure proper vacuuming is done to remove the dust and dirt from the car. Also, the office you work – unless you’re head of the company, you cannot get cleaning done for the entire place. Therefore, at least try to clean your cubicle.

Last but not the least, the people! You cannot force anyone to keep themselves clean, but you can surely maintain a healthy distance from them.

When all these things and places are cleaned, only then it’s said that you are living a healthy life. Hence, I say cleanliness is not a laughing matter, it’s an art.


Wearable Art – Amrita Singh Designs Unusual Bangle Bracelets

Wearable art is the latest trend, and designer Amrita Singh – although catching the attention of celebrity collectors first – has made her art affordable enough to be within the reach of average women, especially when it comes to her bangle bracelets.


Amrita initially gained fame among the celebrity crowd with her series of Indian inspired bangles crafted in sterling silver, resin, wood and enamel, some embellished with Austrian crystal, others with rich enamel colors or gold-tone accented with traditional Indian bell-like charms. She’s also famed for her artistic stacking sets, wide modern cuffs, faux gemstone Maharaja-style creations and contemporary geometric designs that have could be vintage, retro or even art deco.


Amongst the wearable art bangle bracelets that could be kept under glass or worn as accessories for those with a dramatic flair are the cuffs, carved from a variety of exotic woods, inlaid with metal accents, studded with bullet-like buttons or polished to a sheen. Some of the collections include flat wooden architectural shapes with metallic corners or insets – square, round, octagonal or half-round half-square designs that have a unique blend of feminine softness and industrial crispness.


Perhaps the artwork that best reflects Amrita Singh’s talents are the dozens of layered sets that look as if they belong in the treasure chests of an Arabian princess. They may have an Eastern flavor and be inspired of traditional Indian bangle bracelets, but each has a decidedly modern twist – either in the choice of color, such as salmon, spring pink, ebony black accented with gold, or layered blends of blues, lavenders and purples with a Japanese motif, or simply unique due to the overall shape, or how the stones have been placed. Amrita’s artistic imagination stretches the limits between jewelry and art, between highly decorative traditional bangles and contemporary sleek geometry, especially in the layered bracelet sets that blend circular shapes with square ones.


While many designers craft wearable art that can only be collected by the rich and famous, Amrita’s deigns are priced from forty dollars to over five hundred for select items – not so cheap as to be mere fashion jewelry and not so expensive as to not be worn. To view collections of bangle bracelets, cuffs, earrings, necklaces and hair accessories, go to Amrita’s official website and browse her art by design, style or price.


3D Printing Technology used in ParaNorman

Sounds a bit far fetched but the new film from Laika used 4 3D printers to help create it’s new film using stop-motion technology.  Stop-Motion is actually quite and old technique that dates back over a 100 years.

The idea involves using puppets which you move after each frame to create the look of actual movement.  It’s quite a time consuming technique especially because of expressions.  These are normally done by hand sculpting from clay which obviously takes a lot of man hours.  For the film ’ParaNorman’ though the producers had a bank of nearly 9000 3d printed faces just for the main character and so when varied could create about 1.5 million expressions.

The company started using the 3d printers in their last film – Coraline but on a much smaller scale.  Other companies have used these printers, Aardman famously utlised them for their film – The Pirates.

These printers are incredible machines but they work very hard in the production of a full length movie.  They used over 3 1/2 tonnes of toner powder between the four printers.  These were used over a total of more than 570 days churning out lots of faces and expressions for all the characters in the movies.

The film looks something special, there was a great little trailer about it on the US site Hulu.  Unfortunately that won’t be accessible to people outside the US unless you get yourself a US proxy to use –  This effectively hides your real location and lets you watch all the great shows and features on the Hulu site.

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Wine and Expression

There are few things that we eat that can be as varied as wine.  Sure, some people like ketchup and others don’t, but among those of us that like ketchup have you ever had a discussion about the intricacies of flavor profiles and which ketchup is the best?  I haven’t and I doubt you have either.

When you talk about wine though, you’ve probably had those discussions after almost every single bottle is opened, haven’t you? What’s the first thing that gets asked when a new bottle gets opened in your house?  In mine, it’s simply: What do you think?

It’s that which I think makes wine something which is really worthy of being featured here on this site.  I give wine gifts to my friends and family for a number of reasons, but mostly because I enjoy taking the time to try and find a wine which will suit them.  It doesn’t always work, but the process is pretty fun in and of itself!


The Design of Supperclub in Amsterdam

Designed and run by IQ Creative, this non-traditional even bordering to radical club with branches in Amsterdam, San Francisco, and other parts of the world offer Supperclub Dinnercard. This dinnercard is especially designed for clubbers and cruisers that board the IQ Creative Supperclub cruise ship that sails across the Mediterranean or along the canals of Amsterdam. The Supperclub dinnercard lets you experience exquisite dining with the many restaurant choices within the cruise ship.
The Supperclub dinnercard gives access to all restaurant options within the cruise ship and even outside like Nomads restaurant, Mazzo restaurant and other clubs owned and designed by IQ Creative.

Supperclub is certainly not designed for those who prefer a traditional food palette. This club showcases a wide variety of restaurant choices and dishes that satisfy taste buds of both the austere and the exotic. This concept attracts plenty of tourists, food lovers, and art enthusiasts and features a wide array of cuisine from around the world.

IQ Creative’s design idea with Supperclub is to create a venue to allow people to express themselves, enjoy an evening of good music, delicious restaurant food, and art. The Supperclub is an ideal place to be yourself, express your creativity, and have a great time with friends.

Read more about Amsterdam nightlife at